They Can’t Play, Sorry!

I am off to work and before I left I decided to put a little sign on the door so the neighborhood kids don't bother my kids when they get home from school because of homework. Why didn't I think of using a blackboard marker on my glass door before. My doorbell rings regularly and … Continue reading They Can’t Play, Sorry!

Toy Time

I always have looked at other photographer photos and sometimes see toy photos. They all are much better at the creativity of "posing" the toys, but I grabbed a toy to photograph for the first time. I am a vignette freak if you haven't thing I need to work on not doing so much. … Continue reading Toy Time


Meet my Simba! We rescued this Corgi mix named Simba about 2 years ago. He is a sweet boy who loves his people and hates being alone. Today is a beautiful sunny day in Washington and I opened the door to let some sunshine in and Simba is enjoying it! Happy MLK day.