Day 8- Branches

Hey Y’all! I managed to get a photo done before night! That is an accomplishment for this week cause I have been so busy that I have had to fit in my photos usually at night inside. Today’s prompt was branches and I knew I had to get outside before dark to take photos of branches. I will say one thing with my new camera that I thought wouldn’t be a big deal and turns out it is was, the shutter speed. Mine is 1/4000 which is what I have always had but with my new lens that goes to f1.4 I wanted to shoot wide open but I couldn’t because there was too much light so I had to bump my stop. Today is my Sunday so have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Day 8- Branches

  1. Loves this picture!! Visiting you from the Click It Up A Notch’s page. Hope you will also want to visit my blog:)
    Stay connected while we being on the same journey- project 365:)
    Epsita from epsita.


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