My 2015 Goals

This is a post for Jan 1 and not Jan 5, but I was reading Click it up a Notch page and every year she writes down her goals and every new year she updates on if she kept up with the goal and what her new goals were. So I want to be held accountable for my plans for this year. I am the type of person who is passionate and wants to accomplish a lot in a short time. I am learning that it takes time to be good at something. So I am writing this post just so I can look back and for all my followers so know what I am trying to do with my photography for 2015. I have SO SO SO many so bear with me…

Learn my new Nikon d750. I have been longing for a full frame camera and was a click away from buying a canon 5d3 cause that’s what I shoot with now but after reading about the d750 and the price and what it has to offer that the d750 doesn’t I had to go with the D750 and try the Nikon world. Now I only shoot in M mode but my focus on my Rebel isn’t right and I am just so excited for a superb focus system! So not only do I get to learn the benefits from full frame but Nikon as well. Lets add PAY OFF THE D750! haha

Complete this 365 project! I always thought it was silly to do a project but after I put my camera down for a few months I realized how rusty I was in just that time. It is important to get better to take a photo a day!

Learn to navigate this Blog better and create a great website.

I want to expert lighting! Including gray card, shooting into the light, etc. All aspects regarding lighting I want to know!!!!

Learn everything about Lightroom by editing daily and maybe even create a few presets of my own.

Take more photos with myself in them. Generations will not  know who I am cause I’m always behind the lens.

Get my name out there and create a great portfolio. Including a few Births and Lifestyle shoots.

Get an image submitted to Click it up a Notch Critique me to get feedback on my work.

Print more of my photos!!!

Find me, my style

These last few are some most likely out of my reach but I’m gonna put them.

Start a business and begin charging for services! This y’all is hard for me. I want to give too much because I never feel worthy of payment. I want to be that $500 session right off the bat and I know I can’t get there by not doing any sessions weather that means cheap or free. I have to LOVE my work in order to charge so I pray this 365 will help me!

Get a macro lens and learn!

Get a zoom lens 24-70mm


5 thoughts on “My 2015 Goals

  1. Well done you 🙂
    Writing down your goals is one of the hardest things to do, it makes you own your dreams, hopes and desires but it’s such a brave step because not only have you admitted them openly to yourself but you have shared those goals with, well I guess, strangers 🙂
    But we are strangers with very similar hopes and dreams and I am going to follow your lead and clickitupanotch and make my list too, maybe not today as I really want to think about this but in the next few days I will post my thoughts.
    Thank you for the inspiration x

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  2. I have many similar goals, although I think my nerves would get the best of me when it comes to taking photos for other people for money, or even photos for free for people I don’t know. I use Photoshop CS2 right now because adobe offers it free, I want to learn about editing before I invest. Good luck in your journey, can’t wait to see what your photos look like at the end of 2015!


  3. Have you invested in Lightroom? I started with elements cause CS was too much for me and I wanted to use my money on other gear but lightroom is so much easier and on amazon its about $99 and its more about subtle changes. I felt like even elements was more complicated than I liked. I like simple edits not drastic ones. But good luck with cs2.


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