Day 5 MY BIRTHDAY/ A Beautiful Mess

I have officially hit 30!! I don’t feel like I am though. My body sometimes does but to me I feel like a 20 something. Well despite the title of today’s blog, my photo has nothing to do with my birthday. It’s an ordinary day here cause my husband is on a long shift and won’t be home. So my night is to not cook, and no desserts. I refuse to bake my own cake haha!

I also decided not to follow the prompts faithfully. Sometimes I don’t know what to photograph so as long as I take a photo a day I am happy no matter what the subject.

Today is a photo of my beautiful mess of a daughter! If you look close she managed to get a marker and write on herself (feet), then stole one of those Chocolate chip muffins I baked and has evidence on her face (chocolate), then decided she wanted some lettuce for a snack. There was only one thing to do when I found her on the floor with the lettuce, and that was to take a photo! Cant help but be happy she choose lettuce over another snack in the pantry!

Happy Monday!



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