Day 4- Two of Something

Man it is only day four and I feel like this daily project isn’t as fun as I thought! The daily prompts I think make it hard. I may end up doing what I feel instead of a prompt cause I dont feel so inspired while I search my house for something to photograph. Then again I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to take my photo.

With winter break winding down I just wanted to lounge on my bed today so I will admit I was a slacker, but I did however make Chocolate Chip Muffins per my kids request so I accomplished something today! Hope everyone is having a good start to their 365 Project this week!



One thought on “Day 4- Two of Something

  1. Oh my gosh haha you’ve got the same problem as me… Waiting until nightfall before finding something to take a photo of! You’re photos are great though and there’s lots of people out there suggesting there own prompts to follow, so maybe find a few more and then you’ll have an option of words to choose from and find something that suits you 📷😁


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