Day 3

Well its 1924 hours on Day 3. Today I wasn’t home much cause we decided it would be a day for family. Since we have all been sick the kids missed there whole vacation so we decided to go to lunch and a movie. So my 365 project was put on back burner all day. I didn’t even know the prompt for today from Clickin Moms Instagram so I just came home saying I have to do my photo for today. As I went to look up the prompt my oldest daughter said “take one of my flower!”. She has been obsessed with this flower that she “saved”. Right now its in plastic tupperware and I promised to take her to the dollar store for a real planter. She wants to make it live forever. So of course I am going to forget the prompt and take a photo of her beautiful flower she saved! I will continue with the prompts tomorrow!!!



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