Project 3-6-5: Day 1 My Space

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2015 I hope is going to bring me lots of knowledge by doing this 365. All new years eve I was wondering what would be my first photo. I am following Clickin Moms Instagram for daily prompts. They post them weekly and there is a subject for each day. Today’s was First 2015 Photo. Last night before the countdown I thought I would do a photo of my kids after new year, but they barely made it into the new year and to be very honest everyone has been sick and just looked a mess haha.

I told my kids and DH that we all were going to clean house today to start the new year Fresh n Clean! So after we got most of what I wanted done I started cleaning my desk. I bought a few things from Michael’s on New Years Eve for my Desk space and thought “ok I am going to finish my desk space today” So I started it and once I was done I thought taking a picture of my little space in the corner of my house was perfect for my first photo. I am starting off with a nice clean space the way I like it. I can now sit and edit in a nice clean space that is only for ME!

I am excited to start this journey finally….



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