Christmas 2014


Phew, I survived another Christmas. This year however was unique and so very unexpected. We had plans to visit family in California for the holiday, but those plans were soon changed. Two days before Christmas my son was complaining about a tooth that we knew would need pulling and was scheduled for Jan, but his tooth had other plans to become infected with an abscess. So he is taking antibiotics now and monday is the big day to pull it out. Then my daughter was taken to the doctor to find out she has a double ear infection. The day after these appointments I feel sick again for the second time this month, and then my baby girl had a fever Xmas eve. Needless to say we are all battling something now and decided to stay home and get better. We miss family and it doesn’t feel like Christmas, but being in the military we get used to spending holidays away.
For Christmas gifts for family I had to go the cheap route and make some holiday Ornaments. I just picked up some clear plastic ornaments from Wal-Mart for .96, and some jumbo glitter, and a printed photo of choice. I cut out the photo into a circle, rolled it up to fit into the hole of the ornament poorer some glitter in and that’s it! Simple gift for family. Now I have to mail them out due to us not showing up for Christmas but they will know we were thinking of them this season.
What kind of homemade gifts did you give this year?


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