The Beginning

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Wow! I can’t believe I have an outlet for my photos. I am writing this today but I decided that on January 1, 2015 I am starting a 3-6-5 photo project. For one year I will take a photo daily and share here. There may be days I miss and forgive me in advance but I am excited to get my photos out to the world. This is a process for me to learn and grow and hopefully the beginning to a business.

My goal with photography is to be a paid Lifestlye Photographer. I love Birth photography and you can’t get anymore lifestyle than to capture real emotion when a baby arrives. Also I want to capture real moments in a clients home. When I first started getting serious about photography I jumped right in and tried be that newborn photographer with all the cool poses that are actually impossible but all done through several photos and Photoshop. My first ever shoot was great then the editing came and I spent so much time trying to make this beautiful newborn into something she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong now I love when a photographer can make those shots and edit them to a flawless photo but I quickly learned that it wasn’t for me. Some of my favorite photos come from my kids not even knowing I am photographing them. I just love the pureness of a real laugh, little feet, and the real first look into your baby’s eyes. That moment is what I want to snap. That moment is something a client can look back at say “this is when I first looked into your eyes”. Just typing that moment makes me giddy!

This is what I dream about, what I research, and what I am striving for. I am not one to start charging for photo’s when I don’t feel at my best. I want to be paid for my time and in return you are in love with photos by me. So my journey will begin. Even if i start a business during this 3-6-5 I will still continue the challenge. I want to always work on being better in any way possible.

So Thank You to anyone who is following this and Enjoy…..

p.s. I am still learning this whole website management so forgive me if it’s still a little boring…


5 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I found your website through Click it Up a Notch. I’ve had a personal blog for a few years, but doing a 365 is new and intimidating (for me, at least). I’m looking forward to seeing your photos!


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